What are the NonExecCFO services?

We will ensure that standards are developed and implemented in areas which are critical for success and oversee them going forward:


Maximising value - ensuring at all times that the current and future value of the business is maximised, by knowing what the real value drivers are, and taking these into account in how business is conducted and in the decisions made.


Management & Strategy - because of my breadth of experience I am better equiped than most to contribute to the actual development and direction of the business. 


Corporate governance - shareholder protection; doing business with integrity; being able to reassure banks, investors and customers/suppliers that the business is well run.  


Planning, structure and process – knowing what the business needs to achieve and how, setting goals/budgets; building  an organisation with clear and efficient processes and making people accountable.


Commercial acumen -  making sure the right decisions are made at the right time , by the right people and that the business takes full advantage of its opportunities, whilst protecting the downside. 


Financial controls and reporting - maximising revenue, keeping costs down, managing cash & debtors; always knowing how the business is performing; customer and product profitability. Taking responsibility for areas such as tax planning, legal support and contractual negotiations.


Problem solving - with an extensive network, I am able to find a solution to most problems.